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Kalluri Auditorium

Kalluri Auditorium. Proposal for Auditorium construction of 1000 seating capacity was put forward in 2015 and immediately accepted by the management. Works were started immediately to meet the goal of completing the construction for use by 2016 August. The total area of auditorium covers 9315 Sq Ft, has a seating capacity of 1000 persons.  


Chief Librarian

Basavaraju. B. N. M.A,  M.Lisc. M.Phil 1.Name Mr. B N Basavaraju 2.Designation Chief Librarian 3.Qualification MLISc., M.Phil., 4.Experience 20 Years of service as a Engineering College Librarian 5.Training/Workshop /Orientation Course/ Refresher Courses Attended Orientation Course – 05 Refresher Course – 02 National Seminars – 02 State level seminors-05 Workshops – 02 Training on Computer Skills...

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