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To excel in training undergraduate students to become successful civil Engineers with high ethics and to play a responsible role in the prosperity of society. To encourage involvement of students and faculty in research and community services.


  • To provide high quality technical education and soft skills training to students for a successful career in Civil Engineering and to provide best service to the human civilization.
  • To provide challenging, yet supportive and welcoming environment, that motivates students and faculty to achieve their best in a diverse community.
  • To be a model institute for the quality education in civil Engineering discipline.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

    • PEO 1 (Knowledge):

Imparting the acquired knowledge in CIVIL Engineering for empowerment in Analysis and Design of Structural systems, Sub -Structures in a Sustainable and Eco- friendly manner

    • PEO 2 (Skills):

Infuse clarity and understanding of the basic principles of various subjects of CIVIL Engineering vis-à-vis skill development such as software tools, design, and sustainable construction practices enabled by Industry Institute Interaction

    • PEO 3 (Attitude):

Develop Professional Ethics, leadership, people skills, continuous learning process addressing societal needs and lifelong learning

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

    • PSO1:

Graduates are able to analyse, design and construct Civil Engineering systems with state of the art technologiesPSO2:

Graduates are able to work on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects in Green Buildings/Sustainable Technologies related research and development activities

    • PSO3:

CIVIL Engineering Graduates are encouraged to hone their skills in Total Quality Management and Entrepreneurship