Civil Vision/Mission


To excel in training undergraduate students to become successful civil Engineers with high ethics and to play a responsible role in the prosperity of society. To encourage involvement of students and faculty in research and community services.


To provide high quality technical education and training to students for a successful career in Civil Engineering and to provide best service to the human civilization.


To provide challenging, yet supportive and welcoming environment, that motivates students and faculty to achieve their best in the Society.

To be a model institute for the quality education in Civil Engineering discipline.

Program Education Objectives (PEO)

PEO 1:

Imparting the acquired knowledge in CIVIL Engineering for empowerment in Analysis and Design of Structural systems, Sub -Structures in a Sustainable and Eco- friendly manner


PEO 2:

Infuse clarity and understanding of the basic principles of various subjects of CIVIL Engineering vis-à-vis skill development such as software tools, design, and sustainable construction practices enabled by Industry Institute Interaction


PEO 3:

Develop Professional Ethics, leadership, people skills, continuous learning process addressing societal needs and lifelong learning

Program Specific Outcome (PSO)

Graduates are able to analyze, design and construct Civil Engineering systems with state of the art technologies

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