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The Department of Civil Engineering conducted QUIZ and DEBATE competition for the students of 3rd, 5th & 7th Sem of Department of civil engineering in connection with engineers day (Sir M. Vishweshwarayya birthday 15/10/2019) on 8/11/2019. On 8/11/2019, in the morning session, we conducted quiz & Debate competition was conducted in the afternoon.  Ms. Gayathri, Mr. Vinaykumar & Mr. Ananthswamy  staff of Civil department  prepared the  question paper  for preliminary round (written) The preliminary round (written) was on Civil Engineering subject. The top four teams were selected for the final round. The final rounds were oral which was on General knowledge, Sports, History &  pictorial views of structures of civil engineering importance.

Mr. Suresh organized the Quiz competition. A good response for the quiz competition and the prize winners for competition were,

  1. Tejashwini, Shifali & Chandana – Rs 2250/. (Rs. 750/- for Each student)
  2. Sushanth Christy, Niyaz Ahmed Attar & Hariprasad- Rs. 1500/- (Rs.500/- Each student)

We conduct the Debate competition in the afternoon and the students participated enthusiastically in the debate competition. The topic was “Does Social Media Contributes to the development of the Country”. Mrs. Vidyadhare & Ms. Gayathri staff of Civil department organized the debate competition.

The prize winners for debate competition are.

  1. H Shashank (1CE17CV012)  5th semester- Rs.750/-
  2. Sandhya U.B (1CE18CV008) 3RD semester – Rs.500/-
  3. Sagar M.V (1CE16CV033)   7TH semester-  500/-

Mr. Suresh & Mr. Vinaykumar were the judges for the debate competition.

Mr Venktesh  of “Vani Institute” were the sponserors of the prize amount Rs.6000/- .

The prizes are distributed by HOD.

The HOD thanked all the staff and students of the Civil Engineering department and  sponsors.

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