Functions of IQAC

Functions of IQAC

(The Institution has applied for Cycle 1 of NAAC Accreditation)

  1. Development and application of quality bench marks/parameters in various activities of the CEC and VTU.
  2. Creating awareness on quality aspects.
  3. Organization of discussion and promotion of quality circles.
  4. Recording and monitoring the quality measures of the institution
  5. Aching as a nodal agency of the institution for quality selected activities preparation of AQAR(Annual Quality Assurance Reports)
  6. HOD’s were required to nominate one faculty as their department coordinator for IQAC
  7. Following information made available on the college website.
    • Objective of IQAC
    • Functions of IQAC
    • Strategies of IQAC
    • Benefits of IQAC
  8. Conduct one meeting in every month to track the implementation of the initiative plan for maintaining the quality and for further improvements.
  9. Conduct IQAC programmes at the departments/ college level.
  10. Invite the outside experts and all stake holders to elicit their views on the functioning of IQAC.
  11. Have an Industry Institute Interaction (III) in each department for value addition.
  12. Obtain input from all the HOD’s and other stake holders for strengthening the soft skills and other necessary skills of the students which can increase their employability.
  13. HOD’s are required to take the steps to maintain the quality at the department level by following guidelines given to them in IQAC College manual.
  14. Need to identify the grey areas for future improvements.
    • Training Placement officer (TPO)
    • Librarian
    • Transport Department In-charge
    • Hostel Warden / Deputy Warden
    • Cultural Coordinator
    • Physical Director
    • NSS officer
  15. Provide templates for Program Assessment Committee and Department Advisory Council, so that all the departments can maintain the uniformity for NAAC and NBA.
  16. Generate IQAC report that should be submitted to the NAAC and other monitoring committee.

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