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ILMS – Integreted Library Management System.

Library is automated using integrated library management Our library stands excellent in terms of books, journals, learning materials and other technology-aided learning mechanisms which enable students to acquire knowledge and information for their academic progression.

The modern day developments have lead towards digitalization. The functioning of the library has undergone a drastic change. Automation of library using the ILMS, use of e-journals and books, providing remote access to e-resources in the library have become a matter of necessity. Library has been automated using latest software to make the functioning of library easy and effective.

The well maintained college library is enriched with a huge collection of valuable books. The central library was automated by the software in 2014. The software consists of various modules on acquisition, cataloging, circulation, serials control, and Online Public Access to Cataloguing (OPAC). The new version enables the librarian to issue, renewal of books, maintain the database of books, journals, and to maintain the data of students and faculty who utilize the library resources.

ILMS- it is an integrated management system which allows the curriculum to be aliened to any national curriculum, assignment and monitoring of learner activity so that all learning gains are clearly identified.


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