Quality Policy

The Institution believes in providing High Quality Education to the Students using necessary quality benchmarks in the area of Faculty Recruitment, Development and Student Learning processes through sustained efforts.

Our Institution’s Quality Objectives

1.To provide an opportunity to the student community for learning through recent resources.
2. To inculcate carrier link domain skills for higher studies, entrepreneur and employment. 3. To have zeal for continuous improvement. 4. To develop good leadership activities and good human being for nation building. 5. Institute seeks to inculcate moral and ethical values among students and staff. All the departments of college have conducted certificate courses and training programmes in the subjects which are not in our curriculum. These training and certificate courses are conducted by the established and qualified trainers. These students have been given certificates for having taken the training programmes. These training courses mainly useful for the students in their future career. This will achieve our vision and mission – M1, M2 M3.