Vice Chairperson's Message

Mrs. K. Geetha Paramahamsa
Vice-Chairperson, AMC - City Group of Institutions

About Vice Chairperson

Mrs. K. Geetha Paramahamsa, Vice-chairperson is the pivot of the whole institutional structure which stems the stellar philosophy of AMC - City Group of Institutions, making the Institution a destination for excellence in education, research and consultancy. A self made woman and vibrant individual turned into a socio academic donor. Mrs. Geetha Paramahamsa has been in the vanguard – passionately steering the group of Institutions on to the uncharted realms of success.

Her dynamic, open, humble and democratic style of leadership propels the group and inspires the budding professionals. Her mission is to deliver value based education to the students and make them competent Tech savvy, effective professional leaders and entrepreneurs with a distinct power to match the global standards. Her proactive policies and innovative ideas inhale sustainable life into the Institutions and strengthen human transformation.

Vice Chairperson's Message

I take great pride in introducing AMC-CITY Group of Institutions which has created a strong niche with its long existence of 25 years in the academic domain of Bangalore by sheer hard work, focused attention and dedication in respective disciplines of Management, Engineering, Science and Hospitality. The quality support of the students, teaching and non-teaching staff, the institution has shown exemplified growth. The blending and growing together of diverse academic disciplines has provided the students an added advantage of an exposure to the distinct CEC life with freedom of thought and expression to innovate. The competitive outlook and the grass-root connectivity provides the CEC campus a unique position in the world of academia.

The organic growth of City Engineering College has placed multi dimensional challenges and opportunities to produce professionals who can operate efficiently across the world. With all these challenges and opportunities, City Engineering College is the best choice for the students of learning mind.

The greatest responsibility that has been carried by AMC-CITY Group of Institutions with hope and confidence will deliver the right outcome to students, faculty members, parents and the right portfolio to the National pride.