Study Tour for Fourth Semester Civil Engineering Students

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Study Tour for Fourth Semester Civil Engineering Students
The Department of Civil Engineering, City Engineering College, Bengaluru organized the study tour for 4th sem Civil Engineering students for studying the various structures of Dam, Reservoir, Harbour, Tunnel, Hydroelectric projects, Highway construction sites, etc., during 22 – 24th
February 2018.
DAY 01: 22nd February 2018: KARWAR:-
(1) Karwar Port: The students visited the port for studying the structures of Dockyard, Jetti, harbor
engineering, dredging methods to remove the silts in the sea floor.
(2)Highway Tunnel: Visited the tunnel construction site at Karwar. This tunnel is constructed in igneous terrain. The tunnel is designed for national highway. The rock types observed in the tunnel site are granite and dole rite. The rock formation in the site should have joint free and
no structural disturbances have been observed. The Engineer in the site has explained the design of structures and displayed the plan of tunnel site.
(3) Bridge site at Sadashivagad: Visited the bridge construction site at an estuary point where the Kali river confluences the Arabian sea. The students have been observed the interaction between fresh water and salt water. The bridge is constructed across the Kali river between Karwar and Goa. The length of the bridge is almost 800m. The students have shown the interest in Bridge engineering.
           KARWAR PORT                                          KALI RIVER BRIDGE SITE
DAY– 02 : 23rd February 2018 : ALMATTI:-
The Lal Bahaddur Shastri Dam was constructed across the river Krishna near Almatti, Bagalkot district. Thedam was constructed for the purposes of hydroelectricity, agriculture and drinking water. The river Krishna is originated at Mahabaleshwar, a hill station in western ghat belt,
Satara district, Maharashtra state. The students have visited the hydroelectric plant in the downstream of Almatti dam and studied the design of hydroelectric plant site.
                                                                     LAL BAHADDUR SHASHTRI DAM AT ALMATTI
DAY – 03: 24th February 2018: HOSPET :-
The Tungabhadra dam was constructed across the river Tungabhadra near Munirabad, Hospet taluk, Bellary district. This dam was constructed for multi-purposes like hydroelectric project, agriculture, drinking water facilities. The river Tunga and river Bhadra are two different rivers and are
originated at western ghat belt and confluenced in Malnad region and named after river Tungabhadra. The authorities of TB dam have displayed the documentary about various stages of construction of dam. The students studied the structures of dam, reservoir, hydroelectric project, canal design, upstream and downstream of dam, valley during the site visit.
                                                                           TUNGABHADRA DAM AT MUNIRABAD

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