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Department of Department of Basic Science and Humanities:

About The Department

The Basic Science and Humanities Department has been around since the college's founding. Engineering is built on a foundation of basic scientific knowledge. The Department of Basic Science and Humanities seeks to carry out this duty as effectively as possible. In order to improve the students' foundational grasp of engineering, this department is committed to fostering the core ideas and concepts of science. Its goal is to give aspirant scientists and engineers education that is founded on values. The Department offers courses in math, physics, chemistry, ethics, and English, among other disciplines. The expertise and experience of the department's many doctorates is extremely beneficial to the students. The department's highly skilled and experienced faculty members have worked tirelessly and consistently to enhance students' learning. The department also helps the students to acquire an English Communication skill to increase their proficiency in English Language which will enable them to cope up with the competition in the job market.

Department of Mathematics: Mathematics is the backbone for knowledge development not only for scientists but also for Engineers. Our focus is to produce Engineers equipped with modern mathematics tools with strong understanding towards real world and engineering problems. The department of Mathematics is considered to be the one of the most vibrant in the Engineering field. The aim of the department is to pursue excellence in Basics of Engineering Mathematics through Applied Mathematics.

Department of Chemistry:  The department of Science and Humanities came into existence since the inception of CEC 2001. The department aims to providing high quality education to students with the assistance of well qualified, dedicated and highly motivated faculty members. The academic plethora of the department has the necessary infrastructure in terms of laboratory and required equipment that are needed for the students to conduct the experiments. We inculcate research activities in young minds by conducting “Battle of Science” Project exhibition exclusive for 1st year students.

Department of Physics Dept. Of physics is highly focused on imparting quality education to meet challenges of science and technology. It is important engineering students to acquire in depth understanding of science. Engineering regarded as applied science today’s science is tomorrow technology. Teaching physics to undergraduate is to equip them with today’s scientific so that they can use their training beneficially in their late pursuits. The department plays a vital role in laying strongest foundation so that the student is well equipped to take up carrier opportunity smoothly.


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