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4.1.2 The institution has adequate facilities for sports, games ( indoor, outdoor), gymnasium, yoga center etc. and cultural activities.

The institution believes that an active involvement in the physical activities enhances mental strength of the students and therefore encourages sports and cultural events for all the students of the college as co-curricular activities. The college provides an adequate budget towards the expenditure of conduction of the events successfully. College is comprised of two play grounds out of one being larger in size of 7000m 2 Area facilitating activities such as cricket, football and athletics. The other play ground though small of 250m 2 Area, but very well designed for the conduction of events like volley ball, hand ball, kabbadi and kokko. A separate facility is being planned for the conduction of indoor games such as chess, carom and table tennis. Facility is also provided for conduction of programs on yoga and meditation for faculty members by the expertise.


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